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Cosmopolitan Bar, Restaurants, Dining and Party Venue in Parramatta

Whether you are looking for a venue to host a dinner, a birthday party, a wedding or any function or event, then Cosmopolitan Parramatta, is the place for a unique memorable experience . Cosmopolitan is purpose built with high quality equipment and finishes to facilitate your needs, whether it be a quick lunch, Ala-carte dinning, through to facilitating Corporate Seminars / Functions or any Party / Celebration.  There is no other place quite like ours, especially one that boasts specialising in all aspects of dinning, live entertainment or facilitate a corporate or private function.

At Cosmopolitan Bar in Parramatta, we have the finest chefs, exquisite cuisines, world class wines, and a venue that characterize’s fine dining in Parramatta. When it comes to serving exquisite Australian cuisine in elegant and luxurious surroundings, Cosmopolitan  Bar is the name that scores high. Our venue offers a relaxed and inviting ambiance with its awe-inspiring settings, light fixtures, and furnishings that oozes style and decadence. It is the ideal to host a special party venue for friends and family. If an intimate and romantic dinner is what you are looking for, then dine at Cosmopolitan Bar & Restaurant Parramatta.

If you are seeking a place where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch or evening outing, we will never disappoint you. Irrespective of the occasion, the diners are always in for a real treat as Cosmopolitan Parramatta guarantees to appeal to your taste buds. There are various reasons that set Cosmopolitan Bar in Parramatta apart from other restaurants in the area. When a person strolls into our restaurant, he/she notices the atmosphere first. At Cosmopolitan you can relish in the atmosphere and enjoy the surroundings. Our extensive research  and development prior building this venue, meant we could create an ambiance and atmosphere that would ala-carte dining, all types of functions, corporate gatherings and live entertainment.

At Cosmopolitan Parramatta, we understand that people do not like to visit restaurants that are poorly lit or are too bright; therefore, we have lighting that reflects your needs.  Our chefs consistently produce high quality dishes. We use the fresh seasonal produce and guarantee a great flavor that will have you wanting for more. When considering restaurants  or venues in Parramatta, we welcome you to visit and have a look fir yourself. Our menus at Cosmopolitan Restaurant Parramatta where developed over time with great input from our customers.

Our trained staff are always ready to welcome our guests and ensure their visit is a memorable one, with personalised warm service. Our objective is to strive to make your visit an unforgettable unique experience. If are looking for a perfect evening with your loved ones, then you cannot go past Cosmopolitan Bar in Parramatta, where all this is achieved with another main customer objective: which is to provide all these specialist services whilst maintaining the most competitive / affordable pricing so that it enjoyed by all that visit our venue.

For reservations call us at 02 8677 5757, or make an online booking.